My holiday photo album – how to start?

After a family vacation or a trip abroad, you return home, sometimes with a few scratches or insect bites, but almost always with amazing impressions and usually very many pictures. As the itchy mosquito bites and holiday memories fate, you may want to protect your holiday pictures from sinking into a digital nirvana and preserve the days of happiness in vivid colours. Printing a holiday photo album is ideal to preserve the happy memories for you, but is also a perfect gift idea for close friends and family.  

Travel Albums

Some hints for designing your next travel album with your pictures:

Reduce the number of images in your selection

If you are snap-happy like your correspondent, you will have taken very many pictures during your holidays – a very common phenomenon. If the picture-harvest is rich, sort the pictures and reduce the selection to the best pictures of each event or day. Consider how you will want to browse your holiday photo album in ten or twenty years time and reduce the number of pictures accordingly, avoiding repeat pictures of the same place or event. Instead of sorting the holiday pictures chronologically, sorting them by topic is often more effective. A folder with pictures of the hotel or place where you stayed, a folder of pictures of eg the beach – independent of the day you visited, etc. Having fewer pictures allows you to display some special pictures in a larger, full-page format. Landscapes look even more impressive when laid out on a double page spread. Unlike with wall art prints, where bigger is prettier, you usually browse a photo album while holding it  in your hands, near your eyes; therefore your holiday album doesn’t need to be enlarged in XXL-format. However, varying the picture frame formats and sizes makes the book more interesting and allows you to set highlights. An A4 landscape picture is impressive when set in a photo album. Use full pages and occasional double page spreads on outstanding pictures. When distributing several images on a page, use simple, narrow, white frames around pictures, specially on top of coloured backgrounds. If you want to highlight an interesting or funny photograph among images of the same size, turn the picture frame by a three to six degrees. It sets a distinction in the layout.

Rotate frames to highlight pictures

This could interest you: Create and post real photo postcards with your own holiday pictures right from your smartphone.

As long as the memories are fresh, it is good practise to note the names of people and places. Even maps with driving, cycling or hiking routes can easily be inserted into private travel albums. This effort is an investment in the future, when the names of some places and holiday acquaintances will otherwise be forgotten.

Safer to use a photo book designer app or software client than just a web browser session

You have a range of options to print a photo album online, such as Bonusprint, cewe photobook, FotoInsight, Photobox or Snapfish. Some allow creating photo album projects through your browser without installing an app, however, installing an app is the safer and more flexible option. To find the best option, you may consult photo book reviews. Your correspondent creates her photo albums with the FotoInsight Designer. FotoInsight prints with the European leader and multiple award winner cewe photo book. The FotoInsight photo book software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and as apps for Android and iOS. The software has the greatest range of design options of all free photo book apps, yet is reasonably intuitive. When it comes to photo book formats, sizes, covers and page coating finish, no other photo book printer offers a wider range of options. The choice is so large, that it may initially seem overwhelming. There is a blog post that helps with choosing the right paper qualities and glossy and matt finish options for your holiday photo book:

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Holiday apartment in Krauschwitz near Bad Muskau

The Holiday Apartment Junge is located in the peaceful village of Krauschwitz, south of Bad Muskau, which is known for the “Prince-Pückler-Park”. Krauschwitz is a collection of country cottages, mainly from GDR times, with a meadow, an orchard, as well as a spruce forest framed, picturesque playground and football field. The village consists of the small road called “Im Tale”, running just above the Oder-Neisse cycle path. The Fürst-Pückler-Park and Bad Muskau can be easily and safely reached by bike, joining this bike path “D-Route 12” through the woods at the southern end of “Im Tale”; as well as the Polish city of Łęknica, via the former railway bridge crossing the river Neisse on the historic Bad Muskau – Weißwasser railway line.

🏩 Holiday Apartment Junge

The farm workers cottages on “Im Tale” in Krauschwitz are now all renovated and because the village is so homey, often very nicely done. So were these two apartments, which are actually one cottage, with one kitchen, one bathroom, a sheltered porch, a garden and a shed (for parking the bikes). Either you rent the larger part or, like us, the part with the smaller sleeping and living area. If you come with family, rent both parts together and you’ll have plenty of space.

While there are many charming details from GDR times on the outside, the inside, the bathroom and the kitchen are modern and tastefully decorated. The friendly family Junge lives in a larger house on the eastern side of the street.

Im Tale
Playground in Krauschwitz

We were here for just under a week, to explore the UNESCO listed German-Polish World Heritage centre Fürst-Pückler-Park and surrounding area by bike. We would have lived to stay longer, had we not planned to continue the cycle route along the Neisse to the Czech Republic. For a visit to Park Bad Muskau / Park Mużakowski and surroundings, this pearl in Krauschwitz is highly recommended.

🏩 Holiday Apartment Junge

In Tale 2, 02957 Krauschwitz

Phone 03577155217

Var. 1: Combined Living and sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom, porch: €40.-

Var. 2: Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, porch. €45.-

Prices include initial supply of bed linen and towels, final cleaning, utilities.