Offers for the upholstery of two Thonet chairs from upholsterers and furniture stores in and around Oldenburg.

Difficulties arise from the large pattern, the new fabric and the sewn through seams in the seat and backrest.

For price comparison, the quotes for upholstery in Oldenburg range from €120 to €345 per chair. The cheapest was late, but otherwise fine.IITM_Thonet_Chair_for_upholstery_160624


Norbert Winkler Raumausstattungsmeister

Hauptstraße 57, 26122 Oldenburg
Tel +4944113792     Fax +4944136 16 00 65
Mob +49173614 32 50

“Unseen, just providing a flat rate, my husband would rate this as about 5 hours work / chair, because you can no longer use the fabric of the chair as a pattern.

About €40,  Material / chair, that adds up to 250 € / chair.

To give further details, it would be good if my husband could see the chairs.

Whether the material is sufficient, that is of course depends on the allowance as the pattern is very large-.


Andrea Retzlaff  Winkler”


Astrik Raumausstattung (Interiors), owner Nadine Ovsak

Raiffeisenstr. 27, 26122 Oldenburg
Tel +494411816452;     Mob +4917664968723




Polsterei Hofmann

Mühlenstraße 12, 26160 Bad Zwischenahn
Tel. +4944033314     Mob +491724353415

We have viewed the images. If we upholster and refurbish the chairs, this would cost € 180 / chair with its own fabric.

For further questions we are happy to serve you.


Polserei S. Hofmann


Stöhr and Janssen

Nadorster Str. 303, 26125 Oldenburg
Tel + 4414991531

Including the stitch-through seam and upholstery, two chairs, a total of €690 (€345 /chair)


Raumaustattung Warnken

Andrè Warnken

Feldlinie 18, 26160 Bad Zwischenahn
Tel +494403949669

I can currently only give an estimate.
Cushioning material per seat about €50,  € (depending on state of the inner parts). Wages ca 150-200 € / chair.  All net excl. VAT.
Greetings from Bad Zwischenahn, Andre Warnken


Upholstery Silvia Spille

Syker Straße 88a, 27751 Delmenhorst
Tel +49422118228     Mob +491636187892

Promised to give an offer, which I never received.


Deco works Interior , Karin Meyer

Pferdemarkt 7 26121 Oldenburg
Tel +494419833118

Asked me to bring the chairs before they would make an offer.

Markus Kall

rating ***
Price Value *****

Auf dem Hohenborn 11, 27777 Ganderkesee, Elmeloh
Tel +49422143388     Email n / a

€ 120 /chair



For two Thonet chairs I have found left over fabric. I would like to refurbish these chairs (picture attached). What would the upholstering, refurbishing with stitch through seams in the seat and backrest cost?



Markus Kall’s offer was not just 30 € cheaper per seat, Mr. Kall was the only upholsterer listed here who offered to pick up the chairs and to bring them once finished. Even though he has not embroidered the seam, I am satisfied with the quality of his work and the new foam in the seat. The price-performance ratio of Mr Kall’s work is very good.


Mr. Kall does not use e-mail, making communication difficult. Through a death in his family, the work was delayed week by week and unfortunately,  the delays were not always announced.



Despite the delay, I would appoint Mr Kall again.


Here in the foreground the two chairs, recently upholstered by Markus Kall.