Tesla’s struggles – shortening $TSLA

Elon Musk’s team seems to be failing to get the mass market Model 3 production under control. Tesla’s share price is being punished for it. More investors are betting against electric-car maker Tesla than any other U.S. stock!


Currently the world’s best selling fully electric vehicles come from the Renault  Nissan Alliance ($RNO).  I hold shares in two of the world’s biggest electric vehicle producers BYD Co Ltd ($BY6 , WKN A0M4W9, ISIN CNE100000296) and Geely Auto Holdings Ltd ($GRU, WKN A0CACX, ISIN KYG3777B1032), whose share prices grew phenomenally during 2016 and 2017. With Donald Trump watering down US’ emission standards, China’s lead will only increase.



This EWE Karmann e3 with lithium-ion batteries had a reach of over 100 miles nearly a decade ago. It was independently developed in Osnabrück and Oldenburg and used by the local electricity provider EWE as test for electricity storage.

=== Update 12 April 2018 ===

Is indebted Tesla running out of road?

According to a report by CNBC, “Tesla short sellers, after reducing their short exposure for the first two months of 2018, have reversed course and shorted Tesla stock heavily over the last five weeks.”