New DAX Stocks on eToro

eToro has  finally added a few more CFD options in the German stock market.

The British foreign secretary Boris Johnson, who read Classics and is married to a barrister, once claimed that German chancellor Angela Merkel, who holds a Ph.D. in quantum chemistry  and is married to a full professor in that subject, to be ‘jealous of British tech‘. On a similar occasion Johnson contrasted the British economy to Germany’s as excelling “not in the old industries in which, of course, Germany still excels. Not in metal bashing …”.  So if you believe ultra Brexiteer Boris Johnson, you don’t need to read on. But if you consider him a serial liar anyway, as some people have suggested, you might want to find out more about German tech stocks less well known than Daimler, Volkswagen or Siemens.

Among the new German CFD options on eToro, I find the following interesting:

Aareal Bank AG, Aixtron AG, Dialog Semiconductor, Drillisch, Evonik Industries AG, Evotec,  Gea Group AG, Gerresheimer, Hella GmbH & Co KGaA and Kion AG.

I have opened a long CFD in the international real estate bank Aareal Bank AG (ARL / DE0005408116) headquartered in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt) at €39.18 and I a position in “metalorganic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) equipment” maker Aixtron AG (AIXA / DE000A0WMPJ6) at €16.30.

Hella has the complex German structure of a GmbH & Co KGaA, keeping the company under family control. It is among the top 50 global automotive suppliers, employing around 33,700 people at more than 125 locations in over 35 countries, with more than 7000 engineers and technicians working in research and development. Hella (HLE, DE000A13SX22) is a welcome addition to eToro – I opened at €54.60. Most analysts see $HLE.DE stock rising to above €60.

I am observing the smallish, German-British fabless Dialog Semiconductor plc (DLG), which could become subject of a take-over. I have no orders yet on telecommunication and internet service provider Drillisch (DE0005545503 / DRI) – also known for it’s brand 1&1;  specialist chemical maker Evonik Industries AG (EVK / DE000EVNK013);  the very speculative pharmaceutical research company and CRISPR-Cas9 licensee Evotec AG (EVT / DE0005664809) of Hamburg;  engineering company Gea Group AG (G1A / DE0006602006);  specialist glass maker Gerresheimer (GXI / DE000A0LD6E6) or leading forklift and supply-chain solutions business Kion Group AG (KGX / DE000KGX8881).

If you invest in German stocks may be influenced on where you think Germany stands in its economic cycle and if how big you think the downside risks to German car making are. For the medium term I think German industry will keep growing, despite the current hiccups emanating from the Trump-administration in the USA…