eToro popular investor trading update week 4 2018

Another interesting week, in which I think we have created potential for the coming days and weeks.



Our best performing positions are currently the CRISPR-Tech stocks like Cellectis SA $CLLS, Merk Inc $MRK, Editas Medicine Inc $EDIT, Intellia Therapeutics $NTLA and Sangamo Biosciences Inc $SGMO. CRISPR stocks are highly speculative, so setbacks are to be expected, but the potential upside in gene editing is enormous.



I have further reduced our crypto-currency holdings. Just before eToro increases the weekend spread, I have  gone one step further, partially hedging the remaining crypto-buy-positions, with so far only one short each on Dash and Bitcoind each. I would love to open a few more sell positions, specially on Ripple, but, as cryptos are purely speculative, I find it incredibly difficult to gauge the entry points. I hope the smoke lifts sufficiently, to allow me to see which of the opposite positions (buy and sell) I should close. I found eToro’s crypto discussion on Thursday informative in that I feel that the participants (eToro traders liamdavies, Wesl3y, Jaynemesis, stebliss, matthewne) failed to address the central questions putting crypto coins’ medium term value in doubt; eToro failed to put up a single panellist questioning cryptos as to create a debate.

If you are heavily invested on cryptos, you may want to consider copying my crypto-sceptic portfolio as a hedge.



ECB chief Mario Draghi failed to stop the Euro’s rise against the greenback. Though the US president has then said that he is supporting a strong Dollar – this may have been because he simply finds the word “strong” appealing. For its unpredictability, we have no US-Dollar currency positions in our portfolio. The drop in the value of the US-Dollars is in the short term bad news for selling CHF/JPY and in particular GBP/CAD, where I had to cut losses on two positions (eToro’s risk ratings unfortunately force popular investor’s hands in such circumstances), check the situations and I re-entered later with a smaller profit. The US-Dollar’s extreme weakness is – at least in theory – also bad news for European stocks, e.g. Unilever plc $ULVR.L and Commerzbank AG $CBK.DE. I closed Commerzbank at €13.59 and a profit of 10.13%. Though thanks to sustained growth in the Eurozone, European exchanges remained largely unaffected by the common currency’s appreciation.


In view of the €997 million fine against LTE chipmaker Qualcomm Inc imposed by the European anti-monopoly watchdog, I opened a CFD short position in Qualcomm $QCOM at not particularly lucky $67.44. It is near break even and I will close it soon.


Looking at Paris

We closed a buy position in Essilor International SA $EI.PA of Charenton-le-Pont (Val-de-Marne), France, at a small profit and opened a buy in L’Oréal SA at €183.97 – analysts see a target well above €200 for $OR.PA.


Green bio-pharma

The two bio-pharma stocks in our portfolio, AbbVie Inc $ABBV of Chicago and GW Pharmaceuticals plc of Cambridge, UK (my second home), are growing well (no pun intended). Before I could get around to readjusting the take profits, our position in $GWPH with leverage x2 hit a take profit overnight. I took the opportunity to open a new position in GW Pharmaceuticals plc without leverage.


Have a good weekend and profitable trades!

Tracking popular investors and traders on social investment network eToro

One of the advantages of eToro is the social aspect and the opportunity to learn from other traders. Observing other strategies is interesting, even for experienced traders.

I am regularly updating the “eToro popular investors’ spreadsheet”, trying to find the investors closest to the kind of portfolio and performance I aim for.

In early January, the portfolio of the popular investors, traders and two eToro funds tracked was exposed to crypto-currencies with 34.36%. The average exposure to cryptos has dropped to 21% by mid-May. Personally, I am interested in diversified traders with a limited exposure to crypto-currencies (more on why you should treat crypto-currencies with care

Profitable popular investors on eToro.


During the first months of 2018 we have seen losses in share prices, the value of crypto-currencies and most of eToro’s (but not all) popular investors have seen the number of copiers shrink. If in early January you used a $1000 to copy a popular investors or invest in one of the two funds tracked, you would expect to have lost about $180 (on average) by now, but with forex investor goodgoing, popular investor Wesl3y or the OutSmartNSDQ fund your investment could have been profitable. As a side note, eToro copiers should remember that you don’t sell but BUT when prices are low.


Having now nine months of data to look back on, has allowed to improve the desirability ranking formula:

=((current month return*6months return*(12months return/3))*(1-(SQRT(Risk)-SQRT(Profitable months of past eight)))*(1-(crypto’s share of portfolio during the past four months)))*(1-investment category exceeding 60%)


The ranking is now based on a zero to one hundred percent value relative to the performance of the other investors and funds tracked. The aim of the “Desirability ex crypto” formula is to highlight popular investors and funds with a balanced portfolio, preferably low risk and a continuity in increasing the return on equity.


The profitability of an investor or fund with a risk of six who has managed to increase the value of his portfolio during the past six of eight months is 2.10 by the same risk/return value (here 1), as a risk three fund or investor who has ended five of the past eight month with diminishing returns. E.G. eToro gives GainerQtr a risk of three and the past six of eight calendar months trading closed in profit resulting in multiplier of 1.72. eToro gives popular investor “isuuu” a risk seven and six of the his past eight month trading closed in profit, resulting in a multiplier of 0.35.

Pos Trader Desirability 6 months Risk Copiers 12months Profitable May 2018
May handle @ ex crypto return %   last count return, % months (8) return, %
2018 Min 44.57% 0.00% 3 0 4.12% 2 -9.29%
Mean 85.92% 33.75% 5.42 2437 557.66% 5.06 0.91%
Max 100.00% 125.73% 8 12541 12742.00% 7 12.75%
1 karinroth1 100.00% 118.75% 7 7 592.55% 6 10.03%
2 eddyb123 96.85% 98.55% 6 1167 315.85% 6 5.85%
3 JeppeKirkBonde 94.45% 26.54% 4 7022 115.58% 6 4.10%
4 Fastik 92.20% 35.53% 5 2136 126.96% 4 -2.87%
5 goodgoing 91.76% 13.34% 3 7588 37.67% 6 -5.00%
6 alexandrucinca 91.56% 22.48% 5 4736 76.16% 6 1.67%
7 OutSmartNSDQ 91.18% 25.61% 5 256 36.19% 6 12.75%
8 MrThor7734 91.03% 44.54% 5 6911 132.46% 5 -5.35%
9 GainersQtr 91.01% 15.78% 3 650 26.84% 6 0.48%
10 BigTech 90.96% 15.51% 5 608 38.30% 7 6.30%
11 AlexPlesk 90.93% 14.24% 5 7863 66.32% 6 4.96%
12 InTheGame 90.89% 7.84% 5 516 40.83% 4 4.03%
13 Xavier86 90.85% 18.98% 6 3047 75.37% 6 5.81%
14 matanspalatrin1 90.62% 20.94% 6 402 80.62% 6 5.28%
15 Wesl3y 90.47% 11.70% 6 9210 59.99% 6 3.74%
16 oroumann 90.46% 23.04% 5 71 17.62% 5 4.33%
17 TrendingR7 90.35% 7.82% 4 469 51.77% 4 -0.36%
18 27cyrix 90.13% 27.89% 5 143 50.28% 6 7.05%
19 ADC0602 89.75% 16.32% 5 0 42.16% 4 -3.85%
20 Willscuba 89.44% 23.26% 6 273 79.55% 4 -2.35%

Investment in crypto-currencies leads to lower ranking, but not if returns have been stable and high. An unbalanced will punish the ranking, reason why funds investing 100% in stocks, like BigTech, OutSmartNSDQ or InTheGame, rank slightly lower than a popular investor with a portfolio mixing different markets. The goal is to measure the returns produced in the coming months against the effectiveness of this ranking and to re-adjust it accordingly with more data available. If you dislike the formula the data is there available for download.


You can access the data at – I am open for suggestions to add to the list.

For control purposes, I am investing $1,000 on each of a over 50 eToro traders on my virtual account, copying only new position (un-ticking open positions) and reducing the stop loss to 50%.  Here some of the results for traders not necessarily appearing on the tracking list above:

The results when copying an eToro trader are dependent on the conditions of the copy and the prices prevailing when the copy started. The above table is therefore in no way representative of the individual trader’s performance. It is just meant as an example of what can happen…

When you start copying a trader, the positions will be opened at the prices, once the respective exchanges are open for trade (crypto-currencies trade 24/7). To get good results, you should copy traders at least for a few months.

But if you want to close the copy of a popular trader, the respective trading centre (Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, London, New York, …) must be open, otherwise the stock prices can not be determined. A good time for the speedy realisation of the copied positions is shortly after 15:30 hrs Brussels time (2:30 pm GMT).