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A proposal for a 160 km / 100 miles cycleway connecting Bremen and Oldenburg via Bourtange with Groningen and Assen

Most political parties in Oldenburg (Lower Saxony) and Bremen (Bremen) are supporting the idea of a high quality, 40 km long fast cycleway between Bremen and Oldenburg. This idea, estimated to cost about €15 million was originally put forward by the local Green party, but has also become part of the local programme of the Conservative CDU party and received support by other parties in both Oldenburg and Bremen, as well as the cycling advocacy group ADFC.

We want local politicians to apply for EU funding, to extend the cycleway Bremen – Oldenburg into the Netherlands! 

The Transrapid maglev train track is near the WunderFietspad

West of Oldenburg, along the B401 road, which goes largely alongside a coast-to-coast canal (“Küstenkanal”), there is already a cycleway, where cycling the 80 km distance between Oldenburg and the Dutch border near the historic moat of Bourtange is quick and safe (see route at http://iitm.be/526770746). At some sections of the Küstenkanal, it would be relatively easy to create a wider, quieter cycleway on the opposite side from the B401 road. This also allows constructing the WunderFietsPad in sections.

WunderFietspad at Bourtange

On the Dutch side, Bourtange is connected to Assen (the 68,000-strong capital of the province of Drenthe) via Onstwedde with very good cycleways, as well as with Groningen. Groningen is Oldenburg’s Dutch twin town, the local ‘European Medical School Oldenburg-Groningen’ (EMS) is a cooperation between the ‘Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg’, the ‘Rijksuniversiteit Groningen’ and the ‘Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen’. Such a 160 kilometer / 100 miles long cycleway would be the perfect addition to the upcoming Wunderline rail link (Groningen – Winschoten – Leer – Oldenburg – Delmenhorst – Bremen). The WunderFietspad links three university cities across borders, would reduce car dependency, help to reduce air pollution and stimulate cross-border tourism in both countries.

Aerial shot of Bourtange

As a active mobility addition to the Wunderline railway link, the WunderFietspad also links the green “Ems Cycle Route” and the popular “Weser Cycle Route”. The corresponding section of the #Eurovelo12 North Sea Cycle Route creates an attractive round route for Northwest Germany along the coast-to-coast canal, the Ems, North Sea Coast, Weser and Hunter river, with Oldenburg at its centre.

Would you like the Bremen–Oldenburg long-distance cycle route to be extended to Groningen? 

Then please support the „WunderFietspad“ on Oldenburg’s participation platform with your 👍. 

Here the five steps to submit your support in under three minutes:: 

  1. Click on this short link «https://iitm.be/fietspad» 
  2. Register under LOGIN (top right) 
  3. The city’s email arrives immediately (if not, it’s in your spam filter) – click on the link in the email to confirm 
  4. Click again on this short link «https://iitm.be/fietspad» and SIGN UP 
  5. To rate, please click on the thumbs up (it’s on the left hand side, just above KOMMENTARE). 

Oldenburg, in June 2021:

Klaas Brümann (not affiliated)

Holtzinger Str. 16, 26121 Oldenburg.

Tel. +49 4419205503

Email kilo(at)iitm.info

Also support the Fleiweg-underpass, please

For a new pedestrian and cycle underpass, which connects the Wechloy railway cycle path, east of the level crossing on Schützenweg directly with the human medicine laboratories at the Botanical Gardens, we ask for your support on Open Petition here: https://iitm.be/petition. The ADFC, the citizens’ initiative Rettet das Haarentorviertel, Verkehrswandel and the VCD-Oldenburg support closing this gap in Oldenburg’s cycleway network between the wards of Wechloy, Vahlenhorst and Dietrichsfeld with the Haareneschstraße cycleway, the Jade Applied Sciences University and the hospitals at Oldenburg’s the city center. 

The Nepperminer Fischpalast is a highlight of every Usedom visit

The Nepperminer Fischpalast is a highlight of every Usedom visit

Fish starter at Nepperminer Fischpalast

Contrary to the term “palace” in the name, the “fish-palace” in Neppermin is a fishmonger and self-service restaurant, in parts with bar tables. It also features simple tables and chairs on the outdoor deck, overlooking a playground and the backwater. Because of the abundance of still water, it is recommended to apply insect repellent before dining on the terrace.

Top fish

As the fish and innovative dishes – some with algae – are very good, this restaurant is so popular among connoisseurs of the island Usedom, that at least during the summer holidays you need to book a table in advance to avoid disappointment. Although it is not quite the best restaurant on the island of Usedom, it serves definitely the best, freshly prepared fish! Fish is no longer cheap, but the prices in the “Fischpalast” are fair.

Great sunsets

If you are lucky to book a table on the terrace of the Nepperminer Fischpalast with views over the Balm and the broads on a summer evening and enjoy the fish dish and drink there and then also get such a beautiful sunset experience, as is common here, you will never forget the experience and certainly count the Nepperminer Fischpalast among your favourite eateries.

Sunset at Nepperminer Fischapalast
Sunset over the broads at Balm

🍴 Nepperminer Fischpalast  

Lyonel-Feininger-Straße 6, 17429 Benz Tel +4938379287244

Cinnamon Spray insect repellent

Natural protection against insect bites

To keep mosquitoes at bay, without the neurotoxins (poisonous for the central nervous system) found in synthetic sprays like DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide) Cinnamon Hill’s “Canelle Spray“® is a tested option. I have used the spray when travelling to Scandinavia and Asia, where it has kept stingy insects away from my partner and me.

Cinnamon Hill’s Canelle Spray

Canelle Spray”® is made from oil of cinnamon leaf and bark (cinnamomum cassia), diluted with cinnamon water. The spray is distilled, mixed and bottled on the 25 acres Top House estate in the Ceylon cinnamon heartland. Only leaves and bark grown on the estate in a self-sustaining process are being used.

The cinnamon leaf oil has a natural moisturizing effect and it’s scent naturally keeps sting insects away. The oil distilled under traditional methods is even used in Ayurvedic medicines to help soothe stings. “Canelle Spray“® is a trademark by Cinnamon Hill. The 100 ml bottle of natural repellent is available at under £19 / €19 including delivery in the UK, Ireland and most European countries or about $20 in the USA. Cinnamon Hill avoids plastic packaging, as the essential oil would corrode it. Glass would be too heavy and at risk of breaking while travelling. Ideal for travel, the “Canelle Spray“® comes in a light and sturdy aluminium bottle, which dispenses a fine mist spray, making the most efficient use of the valuable, natural remedy. My recommendation take a bottle of “Canelle Spray“® with you on your next holiday: http://iitm.be/cincasia http://iitm.be/cincasia

Goat farm “Ziegenhof zur Wolfsschlucht”

Authentic goat cheese

The goat farm at the Wolfsschlucht in Pusack is a romantic place. The garden invites you to relax and take a break from cycling the Oder-Neisse cycle route. We had a lunch break on a Neisse-river cycleway ride from Forst to Zittau. We enjoyed authentic cheese, made from raw goats’ milk on artisan bread and drunk raw milk. We also had some filter coffee.

Pusack, in the municipality of Neisse-Malxetal in the German state of Brandenburg is located on the German-Polish border. This southern edge of the area where Sorbs and Wends settled, also forms Brandenburg’s southern border with the state of Saxony.

Gaden Wolfsschlucht
Garden at “Ziegenhof zur Wolfsschlucht”

The friendly host and “goat herder“, a former social worker, was able to speak both about his cheese, as well as the place and the people who live in the area and many changes that happened since German reunification. The food is local and authentic. We also bought some excellent raw milk cheese for our onward journey.

The atmosphere is natural, you sit at tables in the garden or under a shelter. Everything was very simple. The goats are not far, but the mosquitoes remain near the Neisse river, so you don’t need insect repellent to sit in the garden.

The food is neither fast nor cheap. We were very happy with it.

Goat farm “Ziegenhof zur Wolfsschlucht

Pusack Nr. 1, 03159 Neiße-Malxetal

At Forsthaus Telegraph you will be in safe hands

Matjes Tartar
Matjes Tartar

We were invited to a birthday party at Forsthaus Telegraph. When planning the route, we came across the very positive reviews, which Forsthaus Telegraph has received online. Our expectations were therefore quite high and we were not disappointed!



To serve a four course menu plus a delicious “greeting from the kitchen” and drinks timely and with no hick-ups is not easy. The team at Forsthaus Telegraph managed to serve politely and quietly.


Greetings from the kitchen
Greetings from the kitchen


Our host had a good hand in choosing the menu. The starter was a Tartar from “Matjes” with spring salad and small potato pancakes. Down to earth, Northern and good, but for my taste the potato pancakes were a bit greasy. The crèmesoup of curry with mango strips was a tasty, well-chosen contrast. For the main course, there was a very tasty fillet of pork with herbs on malt beer sauce and vegetables. The Palatinan Pinot Blanc and the Pinot Noir from the Nahe were good, combining well with the food.


Porc Filet
Forsthaus Telegraph Porc Filet

When the dessert variety “Forsthaus Telegraph” was served it became very quiet in our room, it was very good.


The Forsthaus Telegraph follows the habit of using UHT milk for latte, which unfortunately is widespread in Germany. Not using fresh milk leads to a one point deduction on the rating. However, on a positive note, it should be mentioned that the team was on hand to alternatively prepare coffee with fresh whipped cream.



The Forsthaus Telegraph is modern, however it has many rustic features and original features.


Forsthaus Telegraph
Dessert variation at Forsthaus Telegraph


The modern toilets and the guest rooms were spotlessly clean.



The Forsthaus Telegraph lies south of the runways of Cologne-Bonn airport (CGN), on the edge of the military restricted area, in the “Kaiserforst” at Wahner Heide. I did not hear the airport, not even on the outside terrace. The environment is quiet and green.


The Forsthaus Telegraph deserves an almost unqualified recommendation.


Forsthaus Telegraph

Mauspfad 3, 53842 Troisdorf

Tel +49224176649

Mexican Restaurant Nanna Mexico in Cambridge

The most authentic Mexican in Cambridge

Rating: ****

Price performance: *****

Nanne Mexico Cambridge
Nanne Mexico Petty Cury

In and around London you can find much more authentic ethnic food than almost anywhere else in Europe. Currently, Luis Navarro and his team offer the best Mexican food in Cambridge from their two restaurants and two vans. Think of Nanna Mexico as the opposite of Tex-Mex restaurant chains like Chiquito, which contribute to obesity among North Americans.


While the corn tortillas don’t quite compete with those I have consumed in Mexico, I would still recommend them for the full experience. Nanna Mexico also offers Mexican Beer, but my choice of drink with a hot Mexican dish is Agua de Horchata (a sweet but refreshing rice milk with cinnamon).


The new restaurant in the former T-Mobile store at Petty Cury is well thought out, those who can master the steep and narrow stairs will prefer the upstairs tables. There is only a single loo downstairs.


At Nanna Mexico you sit down to a freshly prepared meal with fresh and healthy ingredients and a drink for under £10, which is very good, and a great experience. I thoroughly recommend this restaurant.


Nanna Mexico

29 Petty Cury, Cambridge, CB2 3NB

Tel. +44 (0)1223665589

Restauracja Harnas

Rating ***

Price Performance ****

The Harnas, in Stettin’s ‘brand new’ old city is a pleasant place with hearty polish food. While popular with tourists, the service was friendly, facilities clean and the prices seem fair.

Inside, the Harnas offers a rustic beer house atmosphere, outside it offers covered tables, chairs and benches at the edge of the old town house square.

We had a pleasant, reasonably priced dinner. I recommend this place for visists to Szczecin’s Stare Miasto.

Restauracja Harnas

Sienna 7, 70-542 Szczecin


+48 91 813 76 55

How spices appeal to our senses – my cinnamon-ritual

Today I want to write about my sensual cinnamon ritual. Every morning I take the time to brew green tea and to slice some fresh fruit. I add oat flakes and creamy, full-fat Greek style yoghurt to my fruit,  then I grate Mexican vanilla over it. In Papantla, where my vanilla rods originate from, the vanilla flowers are still pollinated naturally by bees. The fresh vanilla rods have much resin, staining my grater. Then I grate fresh Saigon cinnamon, filling my kitchen with a sweet cloud of a soothing smell, tingling my nose and awakening my senses. On my breakfast, cinnamon is my invigorating, fat burning sugar-substitute.

Saigon and Ceylon cinnamon sticks

A second green tea infusion tastes good too. Not only do I add cinnamon to fresh fruit on my breakfast cereal, I also break off parts of a Ceylon cinnamon stick and add it to my afternoon tea. That way, the caffeine-free second infusion of the green tea gains flavour with a warming and invigorating effect.


My fruit muesli with Greek yoghurt and green tea are just two examples of food with a concentrated dose of nutrients and flavour, that have helped me lose over three stone / 20 kg and burn a lot of belly fat.


The fruit I usually buy from the local market, the porridge from a health food store and the cinnamon sticks I buy online from Cinnamonhill: http://iitm.be/cincasia

Heini am Stau, a restaurant on the river Hunte

Rating: ***

Price performance: ok


Heini am Stau’ is located on a former industrial site in Oldenburg’s harbour, near the rolling bascule railway bridge. The restAnnaHunte_20160622_202243_HDRaurant and terrace offer views over the Hunte river and one of Lower Saxony’s busiest river ports. However, the area is rapidly turning residential and upmarket. ‘Heini am Stau’ replaces the former upmarket eco / slow-food restaurant ‘Anna Hunte’, which operated at this site from 2011 to 2016 and is much missed.



On Thursday lunch, the two young waiters who attended us were polite, though at times a bit slow and confused.



‘Heini am Stau’ scores with a large range of ales and beers, where ‘Anna Hunte’ used to attract custom with fresh, organic produce. The food is tasty but unexciting and not much different from the usual offering in Oldenburg.



Unfortunately ‘Heini am Stau’ uses UHT milk for their Caffè Latte, which is in line with the restaurant’s food and for which I subtract a point.


Interior at Heini am Stau


The modern interiors, large windows and views over the river make visits to this restaurant special. The place looks clean, modern and well maintained.


Price performance

Prices at Oldenburg’s restaurants tend to be fairly reasonable and so they are at ‘Heini am Stau’. For four light lunches and some soft drinks and coffee with two desserts we paid €52.40.
I may return to Heini’s terrace on a warm summer evening.

Restaurant on the Hunte river

Rating: *****

Price performance: good

AnnaHunte_Harbour_20160622_201221_HDRSince ‘Anna Hunte’ opened in 2011, many people in Oldenburg have recommended this restaurant to me. Unfortunately I never managed to visit it, until I was invited recently. ‘Anna Hunte’ is on a former industrial site in Oldenburg’s harbour, near the rolling bascule railway bridge. The restaurant and terrace offer nice views over the river Hunte and one of Lower Saxony’s busiest river ports. However, the area is rapidly turning residential and upmarket.



The four young waiters who attended us were polite and knowledgable. The team left a good impression.



AnnaHunte_LambCarre__20160622_191116_HDR‘Anna Hunte’ is one of Oldenburg’s pricier eateries (pricier in respect to Oldenburg, not Hamburg or London), offering a selected menu with an emphasis on fresh, organic produce. Some people may consider their portions small, but we were absolutely happy and satisfied with our mains, a Dorade, stuffed with herbs and vegetables and a Lamb Carré, slightly pink on the inside, with garden vegetables, cooked perfectly and still crunchy. We ordered both main courses with the also very recommendable “papas arrugadas”.


AnnaHunte_Dorade_20150626_124619_HDR‘Anna Hunte’ offers a good range of wines and a few draft beers.



Extra kudos for the team using fresh, local milk for their Caffè Latte. This is entirely in line with the restaurant’s ethos for locally produced and organic ingredients, which many other restaurants overlook.



AnnaHunte_20160622_202243_HDRThe modern interiors, large windows and views over the river make visits to this restaurant special. The place looks clean, modern and well maintained.


On a warm evening in early summer, we sat on on the long terrace on comfortable wooden chairs, but with no upholstery or cushions.


Price performance

Prices at Oldenburg’s restaurants tend to be fairly reasonable. ‘Anna Hunte’ is one of the more expensive ones, but for people valuing quality, fresh food, this restaurant is certainly recommended.