A good combination of location, ambient and food, let down by the coffee.

The Wassermühle (water mill) in Wardenburg, is popular with locals, families and groups. Located on the cycle wheel route around Oldenburg, it is also a great stop for cyclists, though it lacks safe cycle parking. The Mill’s weekend brunches are popular and it is a good destination for lunch, afternoon teas and dinner.


For an early Sunday supper in early October we were happy to still be served at one of their tables outdoors by the mill pond, for which their friendly and apparently well trained staff brought us blankets as the night progressed.


The diners were a mix of families, groups celebrating something and diners from Oldenburg and surroundings. The Wassermühle has a special pizza stove for pizzas and tart flambée – these Flammkuche were good, considering that Wardenburg is a six hours drive from the Alsace.


A soup, two Alsacienne tart flambée (Flammkuchen), and two drinks came to €14 per head, which I consider modest in relation to the quality, service and pleasant surroundings.
Note: Unfortunately the people at the Wassermühle follow the bad German habit of preparing milk coffee (e.g. Caffè Latte Macchiato, Café au lait et al) with what they call “normal milk”, which is unfortunately terrible UHT milk. Restaurants have fridges, so there is no need to pour dead white liquid into coffee. I rest one star for slaughtering espresso.

Restaurant opposite the theatre

The team at Bestial is friendly and attentive. The restaurant is well located right by the former city walls of Oldenburg, opposite the “Staatstheater” and offers both inside and outside seating. Unfortunately the acoustics inside turn terrible when the place is full.


Bestial’s chef experiments with less usual flavour and combinations. I would say that their forte are home made pastas. My “coconut kiss” alcohol free cocktail was a touch too sweet for me, but that was to be expected.


My attempt at constructive criticism on my meal (home made pasta with fried liver and pear) was accepted and we received grappa on the house from their friendly staff.


Despite some shortcomings I enjoyed the visit and would recommend this place.
Note: Bestial is in an ideal location for a pre-theatre or after shopping coffee and serves Caffè Latte Macchiato, Café au lait etc. Unfortunately Bestial uses milk that has been killed through ultra high temperature treatment. Restaurants have fridges, so there is no need to slaughter coffee with dead white liquid, for which I rest one star from the rating.