The Nepperminer Fischpalast is a highlight of every Usedom visit

The Nepperminer Fischpalast is a highlight of every Usedom visit

Fish starter at Nepperminer Fischpalast

Contrary to the term “palace” in the name, the “fish-palace” in Neppermin is a fishmonger and self-service restaurant, in parts with bar tables. It also features simple tables and chairs on the outdoor deck, overlooking a playground and the backwater. Because of the abundance of still water, it is recommended to apply insect repellent before dining on the terrace.

Top fish

As the fish and innovative dishes – some with algae – are very good, this restaurant is so popular among connoisseurs of the island Usedom, that at least during the summer holidays you need to book a table in advance to avoid disappointment. Although it is not quite the best restaurant on the island of Usedom, it serves definitely the best, freshly prepared fish! Fish is no longer cheap, but the prices in the “Fischpalast” are fair.

Great sunsets

If you are lucky to book a table on the terrace of the Nepperminer Fischpalast with views over the Balm and the broads on a summer evening and enjoy the fish dish and drink there and then also get such a beautiful sunset experience, as is common here, you will never forget the experience and certainly count the Nepperminer Fischpalast among your favourite eateries.

Sunset at Nepperminer Fischapalast
Sunset over the broads at Balm

🍴 Nepperminer Fischpalast  

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